About Me

KathleenHansonSmallMy name is Kathleen Hanson, and I live in Lexington, Massachusetts with my husband and our three children. Over the last decade, two of my children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (and one of those two with celiac disease). In recent decades the incidence of many diseases has been spiking to unprecedented levels. In response, patients, physicians, the press, and the public have been primarily concerned with improving treatments and finding cures; relatively little attention has been devoted to understanding causes. Meanwhile, an expanding group of scientists, public health experts, and activists, has been focused on causes, and has learned a great deal about the powerful, disconcerting causal role played by toxins in our environment.
* * *
Several years ago my oldest daughter, Emily, created  Upstream in an effort to help raise awareness about those environmental causes.  When she began college in 2011, I took over the project.
* * *
You can read Emily’s story–our story–here.

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