Frederica Perera Interview – Part 1

(Duration 10:57)


Part I – Early Career

  1. How did you become interested in researching the effects of environmental pollutants on human health? 00:40
  2. Was there any event that particularly triggered your interest in studying environmental toxins? 01:30
  3. What led you to pursue a degree in Environmental Health Sciences and Public Health? 02:50
  4. Tell me a bit more about you learned in your early collaboration with Dr. Weinstein. 06:20
  5. How did the results of that study influence your work? 07:25
  6. How did your research in molecular epidemiology evolve to focus on the fetus and other susceptible groups? 08:40

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Dr. Perera Interview Segments Duration
Part 1 – Early Career 10:58
Part 2 – Current Research 12:57
Part 3 – Solutions 9:17
Part 4 – Five Favorites 4:21
Full Interview 33:57

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